These Ornate Carvings By Keith Jennings Show Personality

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: odditycentral
Artist Keith Jennings has created an entire collection of tree trunk sculptures that he has been curating for over 30 years. The carvings started the Tree Spirits Project in 1982 and continues to practice the ornate form of art even today.

The Project sees to produce the tree trunk sculptures that help to emulate the spiritual personality that Jennings believes each individual growth has. The results are truly endearing and indeed give each tree a literal face that enchant the imaginations of all who see them.

The carvings bring me back to my childhood when I would look at trees and imagine them to be like giants that came to life when no one was around. These tree trunk sculptures by Jennings truly bring the admirer back to a simpler time and let their head drift up into the clouds, if only for a moment.