From the Return of Captain Planet to Grungetastic Fashion Looks

 - Jun 11, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
1990s nostalgia is taking over the 21st century with the return of favorite TV shows and fashions dedicated to 90’s pop culture.

Check out the gallery below for everything from classic gaming revivals to old-school fashion comebacks influenced by the Fresh Prince and Nirvana.

Lest we forget the beauty of the ‘90s.

Implications - Children of the 1980s came to age during the 1990s, and as this generation enters the working world, it's no wonder that they are increasingly infusing pop-culture cues, icons and fashion from this era to inspire nostalgia. Every niche is fair game, from grunge to hip-hop, reflecting the varied tastes of today's young adults and their desire to recreate the fun of the past.