- Oct 30, 2008
Trying to come up with Halloween costume ideas? If you don't really want to dress up, you can just wear in the latest catwalk fashion. Several designers are turning to the morbid imagery of skeletons in their collections. Oddly enough, the end result is often one of beauty, although some argue it promotes unhealthy body image by glorifying the prominence of bones, as mentioned in Cowbag's "eating disorder-inspired fashion" article.

Skeletons began coming into style after the success of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, each new movie spurring another cult skull and cross bones frenzy. Since then, several designers who have found inspiration from bones, creating pieces like the x-ray style apparel featured here. Above are pieces by Givenchy, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen and Ohne Titel as seen on Style.com.

The slideshow below highlights some more skeleton inspired pieces by innovative fashion designers.

17 Macabre Luxe Fashions Inspired By Skeletons: