24 Podcars And Transit Capsules

 - Oct 13, 2008
I can't wait to ride in a podcar, and by the look of auto advances, that day might not be far off.

When it comes to transportation, we've seen a lot of neat things, but podcar systems are near the top of that list.

But what does a podcar look like? Several manufacturers have invented personal podcars and public podcar systems, all of which have unique, capsule-like designs.

One system is currently being tested at the London Heathrow airport called the ULTra. Another, resembling a monorail, is being tested in Sweden and Poland. Podcars are hot in North America too; in fact, Ithaca, NY hopes to become the world's first driverless podcar city.

The slide show below highlights some of photos of podcars and capsule-styel transportation systems.