SkyTran Individual Maglev System

 - Mar 4, 2008
References: thecontaminated
This looks like a super-cool ride you might see at Disneyland, but it's actually a design concept for a real for an ultra-fast public transit system. UniModal Transport Solutions created the Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) which is like a suspended sky train.

Each pod holds two passengers (what do families do?) which zips around above the city suspended by a maglev system. People can get on and off at every city block or every 400 metres.

What makes the system so advanced is that the passengers are completley independent; there is no fixed schedule or timetable to which abide by. The pods come by so often, passengers simply wait for the next available vehicle, then plug in their destination. The cart then travels back onto the main skyway and picks up speed, zinging the passengers to their destination autobahn style, reaching speeds of up to 240 km/hour.