19 Disturbingly Provocative Innovations

 - Mar 23, 2009   Updated: Apr 28 2011
To be provocative or cheeky is to act in a manner that evokes a response, whether that response is positive or negative. The following provocative cluster includes porno-chic lingerie, packing tape with attitude, cheeky diaper ointment, provocative billboards, cheeky swimwear ads, cute profanity as fashion, mean munchies, a cheeky duvet cover, and provocative female photographers.

Which one is your favorite?

Implications - Since sex sells, it's hard not to see why some of these artists and designers have used the theme as a way to attract attention. As controversial as it may seem, there's no doubt that provocative images always catch everyone's eye. Even if you find it repulsive, you may still find it slightly intriguing.