Diana Scheunemann Exploits Men & Women Equally

We often hear outcries of sexism when young women are photographed by male photographers in provocative and suggestive themes. So it is refreshing to find out that not only does a female photographer have a very sex-infused style, she exploits both men and women equally without any discrimination.

Even though her images can be scandalous at times, the work of acclaimed photographer Diana Scheunemann is all in good playful fun. Rather than being sinister or cheap, her photography feels like a peek into the intimate moments and lives of the models.

In addition to having a rich portfolio with numerous ad campaigns and magazine editorials, Scheunemann has already published three books: "Ambisexual" in 2001, "Diana Scheunemann" in 2005 and "Freedom in Flashes" in 2007. She is currently working on her fourth book.

According to PJ Norman, "The trademark intimacy found in Diana’s work first originated from recording her friends’ most personal moments. Her work now stems from this by ensuring that the trust between the subject and herself is well and truly in place. This approach is clearly evident in Diana’s stunning pictures which are so full of fun and energy."