From Vagina Pillows to Scandalous Penile Art

 - Oct 28, 2009   Updated: Apr 20 2011
We all have them. You either have one set or another and nobody ever wants to talk about what lurks below the belt. That is why I present to you 14 genitalia gems -- the best and boldest that our naughty bits have to offer. From vagina pillows to scandalous penile art, this cluster has got it covered (or uncovered)!

Implications - Subjects such as genitalia are no longer seen as a 'taboo' topic in pop culture today, thanks to unique and bold products such as below the belt talismans. With that being said, more and more products concerning taboo subjects have become popular amongst society. The more unique and shocking the product may be, the more likely it will do well in regards to sales and exposure.