Empty Pop Cans on eBay

 - Sep 16, 2008
Would you pay $1000 for "One (1) completely empty, bone dry, used can of Diet Coke with Lime"?

Nor would I, but five people have already bid on this weird eBay auction, up to $305 and there's still a week left to bid.

A 29 year old eBay power seller from Denver is auctioning a third empty pop can after making an incredible $1000 on the first and $421 on the second.

"Sorry" reads the description. "This Empty Can Does Not Sing Or Dance, And Will Not Make You Sing Or Dance Any Better. If You Stare At It Long Enough, It Will Still Be An Empty Can Of Diet Coke... With LIME!"

Confused? A second linked page offers a 'further detailed description':

# This Is A 100% Empty 12oz. Can Of Diet Coke With Lime Soda.
# This Is NOT A Limited Edition Or Special Release Soda Can.
# Diet Coke With Lime Is Not A Discontinued Or Hard To Find Flavor.
# No Celebrities Have Ever Touched Or Drank From This Soda Can.
# This Can Is 100% Empty Because I Was Thirsty And Drank From It.
# This Can Is Not One Of A Kind, There Are Thousands Just Like It.
# The UPC Barcode Number On This Can Is: 0 49000 03629 9.
# This Can Has Been Washed Out And Has No Soda Residue Inside.
# Diet Coke With Lime Is Very Low In Sodium!
# We Care! Please Recycle When You Are Done With Your Can.
# This Empty Diet Coke With Lime Can Will Be Shipped With Care!

Still confused? Me too, but I won't be bidding, even though the shipping is "100% free (except for any State that starts with the letter 'U')"