Parents Against Marijuana Bid on Guitar Hero III

 - Dec 17, 2007
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A proud father went on a serious shopping mission to get his son the perfect present, Guitar Hero III for the Nintendo Wii. He finally got his hands on the prized object, and upon bringing it home, found his beloved angel son smoking ganja in the back yard with some stoners.

In his fury, the dad put the game up for sale on eBay... along with the reason for the sale.

"If you want to help ruin this kid's holiday spirit even more, bid on the auction here," he wrote.

As a result of description, it caused bidders to wildly inflate the price (it usually retails for $89.99) as a show of parental support. An Austrlain buyer shelled out $9,100,01 on December 10. You know how much weed you can get for $9,000?