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Daniel Pink Encourages Diverse Ideas in this Whole New Mindset Keynote

 - Jun 8, 2012
References: danpink & vimeo
Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mindset keynote references the division of labor within the brain as a metaphor for contemporary advanced economies.

The abilities that matter most in advanced economies are predominately tasks associated with the left hemisphere of the brain -- logical, analytical, linear, sequential, etc. These types of skills are often at the core of parental advise because they are seen as the necessary basic skills.

As economies change, the abilities required to adapt to that shift also evolve. Work that is hard to outsource, hard to automate and delivers significance along with utility are abilities associated with a set of skills that have not been taken seriously enough in America according to Daniel Pink. The skills associated with the right side side of the brain are not only becoming more valuable, they are a fundamental part of being human.