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Juan Barletti's lectures consider his anthropological background. Barletti holds an MA, MRes and PhD...

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Juan Barletti's Valuing Indigenous Societies Talk Considers Nature

 - Dec 7, 2013
References: youtu.be
In his valuing indigenous societies talk, anthropologist Juan Barletti cautions us against disregarding indigenous culture, especially when considering future solutions for global issues. We can often fall into the trap of 'ethnocentrism,' an anthropological term for evaluating other cultures under the assumption that our own is superior. However, not conceiving or understanding a worldview doesn't make it less real or less beneficial.

Indeed, as Barletti says, Western civilization and understanding seems to be sending us towards the literal end of the world. He examines an Amazonian culture (referred to as "the real people") that differs from us in their ontological perception of humanity and well-being. They do not recognize the Western distinction between nature and culture or society. For them, nature and natural resources are interactive forces like any other social agent. The well-being of human beings, is thus relational to the well-being of the earth and something to be deeply considered. This approach treats the earth with a kindness that promotes a greater sustainability than we have been achieving.