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Lena Kay's Talk on Transformation Highlights Inner Change

 - Apr 25, 2018
References: ted & youtube
Motivational speaker Lena Kay attended a TEDx Nishtiman event surrounding the theme of rehabilitation and development to deliver a talk on transformation.

Throughout her talk, Kay considers the three steps that everyone can take to see positive change in their lives. She begins by breaking down some of the different stories she's encountered in her work, showing the many different ways that someone's success and happiness can be interrupted, often in ways that go unnoticed by others.

By looking at these examples, Kay shows how people can benefit from enforcing a positive belief system, and how these ideas have the potential to affect their minds, as well as their physical health. She continues by focusing on the impact that attitude can have on work performance, showing how acting the role one wants to achieve can push it into existence.

With her talk on transformation, Kay considers the benefits of a positive mentality, while discussing the detriments of a negative one, and all the stress that tends to coincide with it.