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Sona Mehring's Talk on Support Explores the Value of Communication

 - Jan 25, 2017
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Sona Mehring, the founder and chief ambassador of a non-profit organization called 'CaringBridge,' discusses the role of socialization when in comes to bettering one's health in her talk on support.

As a website developer and computer programmer, Mehring came up with the idea for CaringBridge when two close friends of hers had a premature baby. Looking for a way to share the news with friends and family, she started the website to facilitate communication between them so that they could make their feelings about the situation known. Through this, she learned the power of connection during trying times related to health, as sharing can be incredibly therapeutic and help with the healing process.

With her talk on support, Mehring shows that social media can be used to spread positivity and bring friends and family together so that they can know that they're not alone in their journey. As they receive updates through the private platform, they're confident in knowing that they're all on the same page and can then work to overcome issues. This also takes a lot of stress off of whoever is dealing with the health issue, as they don't have to deal with the contrast stress of answering questions.