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Natalia Ortiz Hazarian Targets Stereotypes in Her Talk on Sexism

 - May 3, 2017
References: ted & youtube
Natalia Ortiz Hazarian, a brand attitude consultant who has a background in public relations, considers how damaging the fake portrayal of women in the media truly is in her talk on sexism.

She explore various different cases where women have been shown to be impossibly thin through the work of Photoshop, and how stereotypes regarding dated ideas of gender roles continue to be perpetuated in advertisements. In addition, she exposes the different ways of how women are often only included in narratives is relation to pleasing another person, rather than being the protagonists of their own stories. These stereotypes include the loving mother, the efficient housewife, and the caring grandmother -- who only exist because they are there to make others happy. Next, she explores how women are objectified in the media, which can be incredibly dangerous as it prompts women to be thought of as not human, and therefore not deserving of certain rights.

Natalia Ortiz Hazarian continues her talk on sexism by showing how this reinforcement in the media is reflected in society -- demonstrating how a normalization of rape culture and a perpetuation of absurd physical ideals can deeply affect women. She concludes by showing how women today are fighting against this, as they've come to realize how problematic it truly is. Additionally, she prompts her audience to understand the dangers that the media poses in this fight for equality, and encourages them to question brands who sell them sexist stereotypes.