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Renzo Piano's Talk on Architecture is a Gripping Visual Tour

 - Jul 18, 2018
References: rpbw & ted
During his talk on architecture, creative mind Renzo Piano gives the audience an immersive visual tour of his life's work. The speaker takes a decisively poetic tone in elaborating on the experience of being an architect by trade. He focuses on the appeal of the profession and the pure beauty that is contained within it. Identifying the art of the field as a moment when "the visible joins the invisible," Renzo Piano maintains that the field is a strategy in creating a sense of cooperation, pride and diversity.

Equipped with an entertaining slideshow of photographs, the audience is visually guided during this passionate talk on architecture. Rather than commenting on the time-specific constraints and discouraging urban development demands, Renzo Piano hints at his reasoning why the profession is a notable one. Identifying it as occupying a space "at the frontier between art and science," the processes of architecture are identified as a force of bringing people together. From the creation of open and accessible shelters for human beings that promote communal growth to the progression of desires, dreams and spiritual narratives, the architects create "the essence of the city."