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Justin Davidson's Architecture Lecture Criticizes Urban Glass Skyscrapers

 - Jul 13, 2017
References: youtube
It doesn't take a particularly astute observer of architecture to recognize that modern skyscrapers are almost universally adhering to extremely similar design traits, and Justin Davidson's architecture lecture criticizes such sameness. Davidson believes that the glass and steel monoliths popping up in the downtown cores of cities as diverse as Houston, Texas; Frankurt, Germany; and Guangzhou, China are stripping cities of their character and their tactility.

One of the simplest problems with urban glass structures is that glass reduces architecture. There are countless materials that architects have at their disposal, even in something as expensive as a skyscaper. Buildings could be made from granite, limestone, sandstone, brick, or anything else. The de facto reliance on glass shuns these other experiences.

Further, glass doesn't encourage a space for social interactions in the same ways as other, more tactile materials. A plaza of brick and marble is always a more attractive spot to chat with a friend than in a concourse surrounded by glass.