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Clayton Christensen's Stock Buying Keynote Gives Useful Tips

 - Apr 1, 2013
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This stock buying keynote by Clayton Christensen leaves the viewer with tips to take all the way to the bank. In this keynote Christensen walks the viewer through his previous stock buying process, which includes his struggles, realization and finally his success.

The business guru begins by stating that in order for a company's stock value to rise, the company needs to continually suprise the market with more and more success. He uses the example of how he bought a stock in a company that was forecasted to grow. When the company did indeed grow, the stock price stayed the same because that growth was already accounted for.

Clayton's stock buying keynote finishes by advising to invest money into disruptive companies. He says, "If disruptive buy, when it hits the high end of the market sell."