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Henry Lin Gives an Insightful Speech on the Galaxy

 - Mar 17, 2014
References: ted & youtube
In this thought-provoking speech on the galaxy, Henry Lin explains the importance of the stars and how they help to answer some scientific, unexplainable questions.

Galaxy clusters are more than mesmerizing objects, they are useful in discovering the universe. Lin accounts for four main points to sum up their impact on the universe; they are big, hot, small and strange. Their size and gravity within the clusters create speeds which send particles at a quick pace creating plasma -- a fundamental matter in the universe. Their size teaches us about dark matter and we can understand the physics of the small because of their mass. They are strange because they create dark energy, which depending on how strong it is will expand the universe at either a faster or slower pace. .

By studying galaxy structures and tracking the biggest pieces of the universe, we might be able to understand it a little bit more, and pull from the science and activities of the clusters to relate them to the universe.