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The David Simnick talk about authenticity goes into detail about the soul behind his business,...

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David Simnick's Speech on Authenticity Delves Into Consumer Behavior

 - May 14, 2016
References: soapboxsoaps & youtu.be
In his speech on authenticity, David Simnick explains why great leaders need authenticity. The CEO and Co-founder of SoapBox Soaps goes further to explore why some movements fail and "those with soul" have so much success.

The speech on authenticity goes into detail about the vision behind SoapBox, a buy one give one company. He references another TEDxTalk by Simon Sinek about the golden circle theory: consumers don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. However, the speaker states why is not enough. He adds an amendment -- they only buy it and believe it if it's authentic.

Sinmick goes on to say today's market model and cultural values give consumers a considerable amount of power, especially when it comes to determining worthy causes and business strategies that aren't "coercive or harmful."