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Jennifer Hartman's Speech About Meditation Aims to Enhance Self-Control

 - Apr 28, 2017
References: jenniferhartman & youtube
Dr. Jennifer Hartman gave an informative speech about meditation, and how it is able to improve people's moods, habits, and ability to approach conflict and emotion in a way that is reasoned and constructive.

In the speech, Dr. Hartman talks about the 2016 news cycle and the "ugliness" that it brought out on the Internet, and in people's lives. Between police brutality, hate crimes, and the general messiness of politics, people were often quick to go online and express their strong emotions in a way that ended up being hateful and that generally made things worse. Her proposed solution to this rise in impulsive negative reactions is meditation.

Dr. Hartman uses scientific reasoning, as well as her own personal experiences, to explain that meditation allows people to integrate their emotions with their wisdom and ability to reason, and as a result prevents the impulsive and non-productive reactions that occur when people are in the heat of the moment.