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Robert Brunner's Risk-Taking Keynote Creates Opportunity Through Perils

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: mocoloco & fastcompany
Robert Brunner's risk-taking keynote address the negative notions of uncertainty and why it is important to take a chance.

Brunner states that any risk which can create an opportunity is a risk worth taking. He admits that is is important to be diligent about the task at hand and work toward achieving the goal at hand. Furthermore, it is crucial to know that you will not get anywhere without taking a risk.

If you negatively think about the possible outcomes associated with risk-taking, you will worry yourself out of a potentially good opportunity. Instead, recognize both sides of the spectrum, and know that it could turn out either way. Be diligent with the task, and work hard to achieving it, but also realize that if it doesn't work out accordingly, it created an opportunity to reassess the situation and to try again.