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Marvin Zuckerman's Creativity Presentation on Sensation Seeking

 - Sep 2, 2013
In this short but interesting creativity presentation, Marvin Zuckerman talks about sensation seeking. Zuckerman claims that sensation seekers are more unconventional, and therefore more likely to think in a creative way. Zuckerman discusses the idea of searching out novelty experiences and it's connection to creativity.

Zuckerman claims that sensation seekers are willing to take risks for the sake of experiencing intense, and complex emotions. He states that there is no connection between thrill-seeking and anxiety, because these unconventional individuals are more excited than they are afraid of trying new things.

Zuckerman claims that this desire to seek out sensations is something clearly seen in criminals and scientists, which is an interesting thought. These creative thinkers approach risky situations with a calm and positive attitude. This creativity presentation discusses creative thinking in an unusual way.