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Silje Endresen Reme's Pain Keynote Discusses Reasons for Back Pain

 - Sep 2, 2013
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Speaker Silje Endresen Reme discusses psychology's role in back pain in this pain keynote. Reme points out that a large number of people develop acute or chronic back pain for which there is no cause. In her research, Reme has broken back pain into subgroups, and has explored the personal problems these individuals are faced with, believing that there could be a connection.

The results of Reme's research were rather surprising. She explains that psycho-social factors acted as stressers leading to back pain far more often than anatomical or bio-mechanical factors.

Reme says that her research allows her to accurately predict (even after someone has started to develop back pain) what the causes are, and whether or not they will develop chronic back pain.