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Deborah Rhodes’ Breast Cancer Speech Discusses Breast Densit

 - Aug 21, 2013
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Speaker Deborah Rhodes talks about the difficulties with finding tumors in this breast cancer speech. Rhodes discusses breast density, which she says can lead to greater difficulty with locating tumors in the breasts. Radiologists typically have a 40 percent chance of locating a tumor in dense breasts, but there is an imaging technology that increases the odds of detecting small tumors.

The MBI is a machine that better detects tumors in the breasts. Patients are given an injection of a radio tracer before using the machine, which is absorbed only by tumor cells. The machine then observes the breasts molecular behavior. Rhodes explains that this is how MBI testing differs from gamma testing. The MBI test makes breast density irrelevant.

The MBI test is also relatively painless, which is also a way that it differs from older testing methods.