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This Julia Sweeney Speech Tackles the Challenges & Experiences Life Presents

 - May 12, 2012
References: juliasweeney.blogspot & youtu.be
Moving away from the traditional manner in which speeches are usually given at large events, conferences or gatherings, this Julia Sweeney speech embraces a monologue-like tone and delivery, allowing her audience to feel as if they're sitting in a comfortable living room with friends as opposed to a large auditorium filled with strangers.

Her speech, which is actually an excerpt from her performance known as God Said, "Ha!," offers the audience a variety of experiences and stories from her childhood. She recalls turning seven and being informed by her father that she had officially reached the age of reason and that God would now be keeping tabs on her.

Recounting the time she learned that Santa Clause was not real and the time her mother confessed that her family had been celebrating her birthday a whole month early, she sheds light on the experiences related to self-expression and identity that everyone must face in life.