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Jim Carroll Describes the Downside of Corporate Culture

 - Feb 22, 2012
References: jimcarroll & youtu.be
Futurist Jim Carroll describes what he calls "innovation killers," society's structures and cultures that repress creativity and growth. The speaker addresses humans' need to develop corporate cultures that stifle our ability to do anything new.

We often create corporate operating procedures, adopting structures, rules and everyday phrases that prevent us from seeing the beauty of change. These human habits prevent us from embracing the change that we face in our lives.

Carroll stresses corporate culture's ability to kill ideas, to put an end to initiative and to ingrain a feeling of failure in the minds of those willing to embrace the ways of the future.

The speaker puts emphasis on these important factors, encouraging individuals to embrace the ways of the future and to give in to change for avoiding it only leads to failure in the long run.