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Jeff Howe Discusses the Organic Emergence of the Crowdsourcing Phenomenon

 - Feb 1, 2012
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In this speech, contributing editor at Wired Magazine Jeff Howe shares his expertise on the phenomenon of crowdsourcing. Having coined the term in June of 2006, he emphasizes its existence before the word became commonly recognized and used.

Sharing the story of 'The Jakes' -- two male college students in the United States who created, an online t-shirt design competition and store -- Jeff Howe reviews the organic emergence of crowdsourcing. He emphasizes the importance of it being created by people who weren't motivated by money or assigned a project in a MBA program, but by the desire to serve a community. Jeff Howe explains how it's much harder to centralize information on the Internet than it is to decentralize it. He explains how this played such an integral role in the emergence of crowdsourcing.