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Usman Riaz Talks About Music in This Internet Education Keynote

 - Sep 1, 2013
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Speaker Usman Riaz discusses the process through which he learned to create music in this Internet education keynote. Riaz (who is only in his early twenties) has used the Internet to teach himself to play the guitar, harmonica and the mandolin, among other instruments. He began playing piano when he was six years old, but didn't learn to play the guitar until he was 16. Riaz turned to the Internet to instruct him in playing these instruments.

Riaz states that there was simply no one who could teach him how to do some of the fantastic things he was seeing on YouTube, which prompted him to use the Internet as a musical guide. Riaz taugh himself guitar, body percussion and various other techniques.

One Riaz had acquired these new self-taught musical skills, he began creating his own music, in numerous creative ways.