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Jim Cathcart's Inspiring Potential Speech Advises Self-Understanding

 - Oct 22, 2014
References: youtube
Jim Cathcart's inspiring potential speech advises us to think like the person we intend to become.

Cathcart is convinced that we all have a responsibility to find out who we are. The first step is respecting our nature by finding out what sorts of things we are naturally suited to. The second step is to, in the words of Aristotle, "know thyself." Cathcart encourages us to seek out things about ourselves that most people never discover. Instead of finding out how smart you are in relation to other people, find out how you're smart: What are the values that motivate you? At what intensity do you naturally operate? What is your behavioral style? How do others perceive you? What patterns can you identify within your decision-making?

Finally, Cathcart advises us to nurture our nature. Accept your value, understand your strengths and apply them to something you want to be expert at. Ask yourself how the person you intend to be would react to any given situation.