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Matthew Stoltzfus Discusses Strategy and Innovative Lectures

 - Jul 10, 2014
Delivering captivating classes and innovative lectures is a difficult task when one considers teaching is the only area of our lives we have yet to revolutionize. In his TEDx Talk, Matthew Stoltzfus explains learning is so much more than a transfer of information -- it's about content, curiosity and relationships. He poses the question 'how do we reinvent and transform the lecture space' so students can learn and stimulate their brain activity.

Technology is likely the way, but the problem with something like video lectures is the medium has changed, not the lecture space. Stoltzfus believes the key to innovative lectures is enthusiastic instruction and strong pedagogy. The speaker says we should be using technology in the classroom only if it's necessary. He further asserts we need to come up with reasons for our students to read the textbook, reasons that pique their curiosity so they go seek the information.