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Bran Ferren's Innovation Advancement Keynote Stresses Art in Engineering

 - Mar 30, 2014
References: intellectualventures & youtube
In Bran Ferren's innovation advancement keynote, he stresses the importance of art and design along with science and engineering in order to succeed in civilizational improvement.

When Ferren was a child, he went to Rome and upon exploring the city, he and his family came across the Pantheon. Ferren was impressed with the poetic feature of the oculus, which represents the watchful gaze of the Gods. The art and design of the structure incorporated early stages of science (beneath the oculus is holes for the rain to drain into). Ferren believes that art and design are compatible with science and engineering; the Pantheon exhibited amazing features such as the structure of the dome, which allowed thermal mass to flow through and naturally cool the entire building.

Recent innovation in technological design needs to encourage art and design alongside science and engineering. More importantly, Ferren believes that we ought to pry youth away from television, networking and media distractions in order for them to appreciate the world and civilization. Otherwise they will not understand the things that they can protect and improve.