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Eileen Gittins Shows How to Increase Team Productivity

 - Jan 9, 2012
References: blurb & youtube
In this concise conversation with Eileen Gittins, she gets straight to the point regarding how companies and organizations can teach their teams to make better decisions. Outlining her three simple steps for how to best achieve this goal, Gittins delves into the issue in this short, but enlightening, video. She informs the viewer that by making sure employees have role clarity and understand what’s expected of them, they will perform better at the task at hand. She also teaches that it is important not to penalize your coworkers for making mistakes or they may be afraid to strive for greatness later. By giving observers of this video quick and comprehensible information, Eileen Gittins also provides them with a workable set of solutions that they can use to increase productivity amongst their own company’s staff.