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Michio Kaku’s Déjà Vu Keynote Uses Alternate Universes as

 - Apr 17, 2013
References: mkaku.org & youtu.be
This déjà vu keynote by Michio Kaku offers way out there reasoning—in fact, alternate universes are part of the explanation he provides during his presentation.

Michio’s déjà vu keynote explains that scientists can induce déjà vu in subjects within labs which has led to the belief that it is elicited from familiar and previous memories. But there are some interesting theories regarding the subject that Michio then offers.

He wonders if it is possible to flip between two universes. As he explains, it is believed there are multi-verses that exist everywhere. He says we are made of vibrating waves that have decoupled from other universes, because we vibrate at a different frequency. So déjà vu could come from alternate universes.