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Adriane Herman Discusses Individuals' Attempts at Getting Organized

 - Dec 30, 2011
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Artist Adriane Herman collects and displays a variety of found lists obtained from around the world. The lists are an interesting look at the human mind and our attempt to organize our lives during hectic times. These lists are happy, sad, shocking, humorous and things to which we can all relate.

Herman states that how we spend our days is often how we spend our lives. Lists examine and explore how members of various communities spend their time. They display what people give attention to, what we aspire to and where our priorities lie. The artist shows how viewers identify with each other, communicating with one another through these intimate and anonymous artifacts.

Lists can act as simple reminders, can fight memory loss or even document life-changing moments like the naming of a baby or the loss of a loved one. Adrian Herman states how lists show us indulging in vices, striving for more moderation and ultimately bringing us together as human beings.