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This Cynthia Schneider Keynote Discusses the 'Idol' Effect

 - May 6, 2012
References: ted & youtube
Many westerners are familiar with the hit reality television show American Idol; however, as this Cynthia Schneider keynote reveals, few people are aware of the impact that "idol" TV has had in the middle east.

In Afghanistan, reality television shows are reaching deeply into society such that individuals are campaigning for their favorite idols. This phenomena has revived cultural interests in traditional dance, poetry and music as well as making way for demographic competitors to be heard and supported.

A new reality television show in Afghanistan called 'The Candidate' has competitors (too young to run for presidential office) presenting new policy platforms which in turn go to influence presidential races. Cynthia Schneider ends her keynote by saying that "reality TV is driving reality," a fact that is becoming increasingly supported.

Implications - how reality TV is driving reality