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Tony Hunter’s change Keynote at Future Festival

 - Mar 25, 2019
References: FutureFestival
In this inspiring change keynote from Trend Hunter’s Future Festival, you’ll learn how to make change happen, based on the legendary experience of Tony Hunter, former CEO of the Chicago Tribune. Tony led the organization through bankruptcy to become one of the most profitable news organizations in America.

Personally, I was honoured to be part of the change journey, helping Tony’s team with change workshops, trend research and presentations. Over the years, we’ve become friends and I can declare with certainty he is one of the most charismatic and effective leaders I’ve ever met. Any innovator struggling with cultural change will find his lessons to be inspiring.

When Hunter took the helm at the Chicago Tribune over a decade ago, he had his work cut out for him. In addition to the financial collapse, digital disruption had delivered a terrible blow to traditional news publications. To make matters even worse, the Tribune’s parent company had just filed for bankruptcy. The odds were stacked against first-time CEO Hunter, and he knew he’d need to lead the business through a complete transformation in order for it to survive. Through a combination of innovative thinking and impressive agility, he got the job done.

In this inspirational keynote from the 2018 Future Festival World Summit, Hunter dives into the importance of leading through disruption and the 6 core tactics he credits with the successful reinvention of the company.

Tony is currently advising fellow business leaders, speaking at conferences and companies, and developing workshops for emerging leaders. If you are looking for more, connect with Tony on LinkedIn.

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