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Innovation Keynote Speaker Jeremy Gutsche

 - Jan 18, 2017
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As a trends and innovation keynote speaker, most of my topics relate in some way to disruptive innovation and change, so I was eager to rock out this latest innovation keynote video on megatrends and disruptive innovation.

After writing Exploiting Chaos, back in 2007, I was invited by roughly 500 brands and CEOs to help them with their business reinvention. At the same time, my trend hunter team has been involved with follow-up innovation keynotes and workshops, plus our custom trends research. As a result, we've developed and battle tested dozens of frameworks that we use to help companies disrupt their competitors before being disrupted themselves.

Many of these learnings were reflected in Better and Faster, which became a New York Times Bestseller in 2015. However, I still felt there was a lot of depth related to trends and innovation that we had to exclude. In particular, our top 18 megatrends and more tactical methods for how to make change actually happen.

Accordingly, I've been working with my team on new frameworks, including our Top 18 Megatrends, featured in this trends and innovation keynote speaker video, which should be especially useful for those who love Trend Hunter.

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