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John Mackey's Business Consciousness Keynote Redefines Market Purposes

 - Oct 19, 2012
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CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey discusses new paradigms for the way we think about capitalism in this business consciousness keynote. Even though capitalism won the battle in the 20th century, analysts are beginning to observe a regression and a gradual shift back to old business and capitalist principles.

Mackey sees a move back to conscious capitalism, which focuses on three main principles of enterprise: the potential to have a higher purpose beyond maximizing shareholder value, a business that is managed to optimize value simultaneously for all the interdependent stakeholders and leadership that serves the enterprise and its stakeholders.

While many individuals argue that the main purpose or objective of business is to make money, Mackey believes that the purpose of a business is determined by its entrepreneur or founder. He's met hundred of successful CEOs and when asked what the purpose of their business was, almost no one said to make the most money possible.

This business consciousness keynote hopes to instill a shift in the market today.