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Rob Schuham Shows the Possibility of Business in this Collaborative Keynote

 - Jul 1, 2012
In this collaborative keynote, Rob Schuham presents a new type of capitalism and brands. Years as a marketer and as the co-founder of the strategic and creative think-tank FearLess Revolution, Schuham understands the importance of unlocking brand value. As companies become larger than nations, there is a societal obligation of these brands and as Schuham states, "brands are limited by a legacy of an old design." But in order to unlock a brand these companies need to move away from competition.

Schuham then launches the world's first collaborative brand Common. The key is transforming competition into collaboration as a way to share wealth and benefit communities. The idea behind the community-owned Common is to have multiple small companies trying to solve a local small company, and when linked together to create a larger brand, the possibilites are endless.