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Barry Asmus Discusses the Internet's Power to Decentralize Governments

 - Feb 29, 2012
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Economist Barry Asmus believes that America's founding fathers were committed to limiting governments and their power. Beginning with a powerful statement, Asmus explains how "the printing press made us readers, how the radio made us all listeners, and how television made us all viewers."

Discussing the rise of the Internet, the speaker stresses how it has made us all producers. With the internet, Barry Asmus believes that the planet becomes the relevant market for a slew of different information.

Information has always amounted to power. While the monarchs and leaders of our past has sole access to power, the Internet is responsible for giving us powers we never dreamed off. This has lead to a growing clash of central power and the government. Sharing his views, Barry Asmus believes that the internet gives us the most useful tools to fight localized governments.