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From Youth-Oriented Social Activism to Pioneering Market Systems

 - Nov 27, 2014
While some may view making the world a better place as an idealistic endeavor, these world-changing presentations demonstrate how much thought is being given to this effort. Changing the world can take a variety of forms, from grassroots activism to for-profit social-minded business. Making a difference can also apply to a wide range of social issues, like climate change, feminism and development.

Motivational speaker Spencer West is known for his world-changing presentations, many of which occurred at Free the Children's signature youth empowerment event We Day. In one such speech, West shares his experience of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and the necessity of a support system and perseverance when tackling a social good mission. CBS producer Nicole Young further demonstrates the role storytelling plays as well as the importance of giving a voice to the unheard. Emma Watson's recent talk at the UN advocates for equality of the sexes and for men to get involved in feminist campaigns.

This array of world-changing presentations proves the importance of incorporating a socially conscious business mindset and how future generations prioritize local and global problems.