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From Design as Identity to the Value of Customization

 - Nov 30, 2013
Many individuals across different industries will argue in favor of the importance of either the appearance or the functionality of a product, but these speeches will examine why design matters in terms of the way something looks. It is no secret that consumers like shiny products that look good and exude the perception of wealth; the speakers featured here will explain why that is.

Steve Jobs was one individual who set the standard exceptionally high for the way a product should look and feel in the hands of a consumer. He believes that people will be more inclined to pick up a product -- one that is capable of unleashing their creativity and tapping into their potential -- if it looks good.

Guy Kawasaki, who at one point worked very close with Jobs, argues that a product needs to be elegant. This feature is one of the elements Guy believes must be there if a product is going to entirely enchant a consumer. Consumers want to buy a product that is beautiful.

While many would suggest that design doesn't matter -- it does. Consumers need to be drawn to something immediately.