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From Recession-Proof Employment to Robotic Breakthroughs

 - Jul 10, 2014
These curated speeches discuss a variety of unemployment issues. Unemployment affects people all over the world and persists to be a recurring issue for even the most developed and advanced societies.

The speech by Charlie Hoehn is particularly interesting as it provides a list of tips for actually avoiding unemployment after graduating from college or university. He believes that unemployment is often rooted in issues of entitlement; many graduates expect to land their dream job immediately after graduating and are discouraged when that doesn't happen. Patience and genuine interest, according to Hoehn, will go a long way.

According to Andrew Mcafee, robotic breakthroughs are at the root on unemployment issues. Mcafee points out that thousands of jobs have the potential to be replaced in North America by robotic counterparts.

Mona Mourshed believes that youth unemployment issues can be tackled by expanding the skills sets of young people. Jobs today are demanding very different skills than they were 20 years ago and it is important that the education system reflects this.