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From The Art of Enchantment to The Downside of Ambition

 - Nov 9, 2013
This collection of speeches offers tips for young entrepreneurs. While ambition and perseverance play a critical role in achieving one's entrepreneurial goals, so do honesty, the ability to accept rejection and to problem solve. These keynotes not only offer advice from experience start-up gurus, they also highlight the importance and benefits of instilling entrepreneurial values at a young age through schools' curricula.

The speech from innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche describes times of chaos, disorder and even recession as very fertile opportunities for starting a business. During such periods, the mindset of consumers is very open and impressionable, as they are looking for alternative products and services to save money.

Phil Libin, the CEO and founder of Evernote, offers slightly less optimistic advice. His talk focuses on the harsher aspects of entrepreneurial endeavors and warns that the rate of success is shockingly quite low. He believes that someone should only pursue a start-up if they want to make the world a better place.

Start-up guru Guy Kawasaki is featured here in numerous talks offering his advice through means of personal experience working with famously successful brands such as Apple. He shares his tips for what will make any organization successful at its core.

These tips for young entrepreneurs have advice for both optimists and realists.