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From Making Climate Change Relevant to Developing Responsive Cities

 - Jan 20, 2015
These talks on the environment focus on eco-friendly practices, whether it means integrating them into sustainable business practices, advocating for activism or even developing smarter cities.

Speakers of all ages are talking about climate change. This includes Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change address on global environmental governance at a UN conference. The actor discusses undeniable climate events and implores industries and governments to take decisive and large-scale action. Former US Vice President Al Gore inspires with his saving the environment talk on youth-oriented environmentalism. In another of the talks on the environment, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks about the progression of civilization and practical sustainable development.

For policy-influencing politicians to students still in university, the environment is clearly an important topic. Whether you are a part of the corporate world, consider yourself an eco crusader or human rights advocate, this subject goes far beyond altruistic concerns.