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Harish Manwani’s Responsible Business Keynote Eschews Profit

 - Jan 29, 2014
References: unilever & youtube
Harish Manwani’s responsible business keynote rethinks how businesses should be run for the 21st century. Manwani, the Chief Operating Officer of Unilever, explores the need to go from a business model focused on growth that is consistent, competitive and profitable to one the is also responsible. Manwani goes on to talk about how businesses will need to have values and goals besides profit in order to be successful.

Manwani goes on in his responsible business keynote to use his company, Unilever, as an example. It’s not just about selling soap, but about saving lives and improving lives. Whether it’s starting projects to get women in India involved in business, buying sustainable palm oil or just making sure every child has soap to stay clean and healthy, Manwani is adamant that all businesses need to take an interest in being environmentally and socially responsible.