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From the Role of Character in Success to Doing Instead of Dreaming

 - Apr 1, 2016
These talks about working hard discuss the merits of maintaining a strong work ethic. While some might place higher priority over networking or branding, others posit that a determined attitude can be the making or breaking factor in success.

Television producer and writer Shonda Rhimes gives an action-encouraging speech that advises us to "ditch the dreams and be a doer." The Grey's Anatomy creator states hard work facilitates change and advocates keeping an open mind.

First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama talks about working hard and family values. She believes the endurance of the American dream is based on the power of hard work.

Warren Buffet chats about integrity in business and personal qualities. He encourages young people to work for companies they admire and being hard working, honest and generous. The innovative keynote emphasizes putting habits in place that develop these traits.