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From Encouraging Happy Employee Habits to the Mathematics of Emotions

 - Dec 29, 2015
These talks about stress feature a variety ways to manage the feelings of being stressed out and under duress. While there is a challenging emotional component many of these speeches deal with, there is also a very detrimental physical side that others discuss. From employee satisfaction and workplace situations to issues of gender and sexuality, stress can come from any number of places.

Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington considers meditation in her brain maintenance talk. Doing breathing exercises is one tool she uses to get enough sleep, which has been transformative for her in terms of managing stress.

For researcher Shaun Achor, the secret to better work is something he calls the 'Happiness Advantage.' As happiness and stress are diametrically opposed, managing these feelings so one can experience happier emotions is vital in terms of career success.

Finances are a frequent source of stress for many, which is why Alexa Von Tobe offers tips to recent graduates that should reduce anxiety around money management.

Therefore, in the name of your health, happiness and workplace success, these talks about stress management are vital.