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Jeff Nelsen Talks Motivation in this Fearless Performance Keynote

 - Jun 14, 2012
References: jeffnelsen & youtube
In this fearless performance keynote Jeff Nelsen discusses the reasons why people are scared of performing and highlights some tips that can help reduce performance-related anxiety.

People are born fearless and learn to fear as life goes on. Good decisions and bad decisions all play a role in determining how a person goes about a performance. In regards to performance Nelsen says, "you are engaged in a performance when what you're doing matters. To make a performance a fearless performance, make whatever you're doing the only thing that matters." Instead of worrying about how the audience is receiving a performance or analyzing the look that someone may have given in response to a decision, focus on mastering the presentation.

Three things need to be considered when performing: the what (content), the how (technique or process) and the why (reason behind the performance). The most important factor to know is the why. Know why it is you are presenting something and make sure that reason means something to you and the performance will reflect your passion.